If you do not see yourself the way God does, that stronghold needs to come down and be destroyed!  It won't make you prideful; it wil humble you!  Why?  Because you are no more than God has made you and no less than God has made you.  The truth of who you are in Christ will humble you!  Humility is perfect recognition of who you are in Christ - no more and no less!  You know exactly what God has created you to be - no more and no less. 

If we start there in our hearts and minds, everything else will happen.  We have been given a new nature - a new identity!  God does not see us present-past - He sees us present future!  He sees what we can become in Him as we yield every area of our lives over to Him.  He will expose the darkness; the dark areas of our lives and replace them with His light!  He wants to flood every area of our hearts with His light! 

We are to be overcomers!  Take a look at Revelation, chapters 2 and 3.  We are to be overcomers in THIS life!  Are we?  Or are we still filled with bitterness, resentments, worry and fear, self-pity, depression, anger, sickness and disease?  That's doesn't sound like an overcoming life!  All we need to do is repent and submit to God and receive God's goodness, and then be led by His Spirit.  God has such a great plan for each one of our lives!  Matthew 11:28-30

What an adventurous life God has in store for all of us!  He is our Helper!  Don't ever forget it!  In fact, keep confessing it and lean into Him and be obedient to what He asks you to do and say!  Take those risks and give Him all the glory!