Lessons and Truth about FAITH!

God’s System - God has designed His system and it works by faith and by spiritual laws.  If WE don’t do our part and exercise faith, God’s hands are tied.  Yes, God can do anything, BUT He will not and cannot because He would violate His own Word.  God has bound Himself by His Word and by the system that He has designed.  Faith comes by hearing the Word.  Then as we hear the Word and it is quickened to our hearts (spirits) by the Holy Spirit, then WE are the ones who have to work the Word.  The Word works, BUT WE have to put it to work by believing it, receiving it and confessing it and acting on it!

Faith is acting on the Word of God through belief in our hearts of the truths and promises, standing on and confessing WITHOUT doubt and unbelief in our hearts!  Faith works by love!  What does that mean?  (Galatians 5:6)  Many of us spend a lot of time trying to have faith.  We know that without faith it’s impossible to please God, so we work & strive to have more faith.  But FAITH is of the HEART!   And faith grows through believing and receiving God's unconditional love for us on a daily basis, confessing God's love and acting on God's love for us.  Faith grows out of a relationship and fellowship with a loving Father.  Faith comes by revelation from God.  We must see who God is with eyes and hearts of faith.  Faith is the hand that reaches out and receives from God.  Stop struggling so hard to get faith and please God, and start spending all that time and effort with God, loving Him and receiving His love.  Holiness will be a result or a byproduct or believing and receiving God's unconditional love for us!

True Stories by Kenneth E. Hagin:

My own sister died with cancer at the age of fifty-five. Now 5 years before, when she was only 50 years of age, she had a different type of cancer. The doctor said that there was no connection between the two cancers. When she had cancer at the age of 50, I prayed about it. The Lord said to me, "Because you asked Me, I'm going to heal her.  I'm going to give her 5 more years. But SHE'S going to have to do something herself then.
She was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. She was a Sunday school teacher in a Full Gospel church. But that doesn't guarantee that you'll never have any tests or trials in your body, or that you'll just automatically receive healing.  So the next time she had cancer, God began to tell me 2 years ahead of time that she was going to die. Well, I did my best to change it. I fasted and prayed, but I couldn't change it.  SHE was the one who had to change it.  SHE had to believe God’s Word in HER heart. SHE had to speak God's Word out of HER mouth.  I could no longer do it for her.    Confession:  I cannot rely on another  person's faith to get things done in my own life. I must believe God's Word in MY own heart. I must speak God's Word out of MY own mouth.     

YOU Must Change the Situation – July 7, 2015  - The Lord told me concerning my sister, “She’s had 5 years.  You’re on the radio in her city, and she’s never listened to your radio program one single time.  She has never read one of your books.  She has never listened to one of your tapes.  She didn’t do one single thing to build up her own FAITH or to try and help herself.  She depended on someone else to do it.  You can’t do it for her anymore.  What happened?  She died.  I’m glad she went to Heaven, but she should not have gone so soon.  That was not God’s best.  The time will come in every Christian’s life when he will have to believe God for himself.  Someone else won’t be able to carry him any longer.  Confession:  I build up myself on the Word of God.  I feed on the Word of God so that my inner man becomes strong.  And when opposition comes, I am able to stand up and resist it with the Word in my mouth and in my heart!

Hold Fast To What Belongs to You! - I remember a man who was marvellously healed in one of my meetings. He couldn’t walk by himself, but he was instantly healed and could walk just as good as anyone.  Also, he couldn’t hear without a hearing aid.  He couldn’t even hear it thunder.  He had not heard for seven years without his hearing.  Instantly, his ears were opened and he could hear.  About 10 days later, the same man was back in my meeting.  He couldn’t walk by himself, and he couldn’t hear without his hearing aid. He had lost it all.  Now, he had maintained it for ten days and was perfectly all right.  But, you see, without good teaching about what belonged to him and HOW to hold fast to it, he lost his healing.  Matthew 12:43-45  It is necessary that we study the Word and get the Word of God IN US!  WE must be filled up with the Word and give no place to the devil.  It is important that we know WHO WE ARE IN CHRIST, what we have in Christ, including healing, and HOW to hold fast to it!  Confession:  I study the Word. I get the Word of God in me.  I learn who I am in Jesus and what I have in Jesus.  Then I hold fast to it!     Kenneth E. Hagin; Health Food Devotions

This goes to show that it is not up to God.  God is waiting on US to put His Word to work!  We must believe what the Word says for ourselves.  We must be born again first of all by the Holy Spirit convicting us of our sin, which enables us to realize just what a sinner we are.  Then we have a choice whether we want to repent and when we do, God gives us the gift of faith to receive His precious Son into our hearts and then God gives us in exchange a brand new spirit and we come into relationship with God!!  We are given a brand new identity and have now been adopted into a new family (spiritual)  and a new Kingdom.  Now we get the privilege and responsibility of learning HOW God's system operates, which is by grace!  What an exciting life we get to have with God as our wonderful Heavenly Father, Jesus as our Lord, and the Holy Spirit as our Helper, Comforter and Guide! 

Sermon Message:   "Do You Have Baggage or Luggage?" 

I was listening to a teaching on why aren't people healed through the laying on of hands and it opened up my eyes to the truth that we need to be serious in our walk with Christ because one day we will stand before Jesus Christ and give an account of our lives!  We will stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ in 2 Corinthians 5:9-10.  We are to work out our salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12).  In other words, we are to be serious about sin in our lives!  Deal with it and hate evil!!!!  Just because we are living in the age of grace doesn't mean we are flippant about sin!  We need to have repentant hearts ALWAYS!!!! 
Anyway, many times, Christians give Satan (our enemy) a legal right to put disease on us through unforgiveness, resentment, worry, fear, anger, envy, jealousy, impatience, bitterness, etc.  These are all contrary to the nature of God and it opens up a door for Satan to attack us.  Unfortunately, Christians don't take this stuff seriously.  They don't want to deal with this stuff and they think it doesn't matter, but they still want people to lay hands on them for healing.  I suppose God in His wonderful mercy might grant a healing at times, but it probably won't last if the person doesn't deal with sin at some point in their lives. 
We don't have to be sinless to get into heaven, but we should have a heart attitude that is repentant over sin and ask God to heal and cleanse and change our hearts!  Look at the teaching of the tares and the wheat in Matthew 13.  If we are not repentant over our sin and even hate it, even though we are born again, we could be considered a tare and be cast out into outer darkness.  WHAT IF that is true?  Would we take our Christian lives more seriously, do you think?  It is good to have a godly fear of God.  Check out 1 Corinthians 7:1. 
When we hold onto things of the past and continue to dwell on hurts and stay in offense towards people, we are carrying baggage around!  It's hard to hear God's voice as well and we can't sense the presence of God at work in our lives.  We have darkness in our hearts and that is NOT God's will for our lives!!!  God gave us new luggage when we surrendered our lives over to Him and received His Son Jesus Christ into our hearts.  We have new luggage that contains the Holy Spirit, the fruit of the Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit, God's grace and mercy, faith, hope, love, forgiveness, peace, kindness, confidence, boldness, authority over the devil and lots more!!  WE HAVE NEW LUGGAGE!  Get rid of the baggage of the past and see yourself the way Jesus sees you.  God is so kind to have put us in Jesus!  God enjoys being on the journey with us - He really does!  He loves it!  He loves you!
Grace is not license to sin.  Sin is dangerous.  None of us can ever be sinless, but we are to have a reverent attitude toward God and hate evil as He does!  God is so changing us (as we allow Him to) that when people ask us, "What is God like?" we'll be able to say, "Look at me - look at MY life!  God is full of freedom, confidence, joy, peace, healthy, whole, bold, gentle, strong, courageous.  I used to be a wreck and I was so full of FEAR and worry and hatred, anger, negativity and complaining.  But Jesus so changed me little by little as I cooperated and appropriated by faith all that He is.  Jesus so loves you!  He created you!  He wants to give your life meaning and purpose and fill you with HOPE and PEACE through intimacy with Him - through fellowship with Him!  He is so wonderful!!!  Won't you come to Him?"
This is Christianity!  John 17:3 - "And this is eternal life, that they may KNOW You, the only true God and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent."  Get before God and ask Him to reveal Himself to you and He will!   Let's all get ready to meet Him.  It is serious!